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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mileys Redo # 1

Mileys Redo # 1

Redo Miley

Breaking News! Fashion is Art!

For starters I just want to apologize for me failing to update my blog like usual. Over the course of several months I was in search of a new idea to make my blog come alive. But in search of that I realized that nothing was wrong with this blog I just need to be faithful to my fellow fashionistas and keep updating it frequently. So from this day on I am taking a vow to update my blog everyday even when I am stuck with hours of homework to do. Okay now that I put that on the table lets push this aside and talk about todays agenda! I might being global! I am hoping and praying that my local high school revives our newspaper. I think that it is essential that teens today can have accesss to the news around us. But not only that but the fashion buzz and advice columns that come with it. If you guys could help me and and branch out some of your ideas for my next posting of fashion as an art in school idea. Teenagers need to know that fashion icons such as Miley Cyrus are not not good resentatives of how us women want to be protrayed! We need to take a stand and take back our style and love for clothes. I understand that we get carried away by various fads that occur in fashion magazines but I feel that it time we idolize some one worthy of our attention spands such as Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama,Selena Gomez, Keri Washington and ect... The choice is ours we are the models of our future generation of women and girls. So lets Buzz out Style!