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Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Day 2: Knee Shorts and Stripes...

Dear Fashionista's,
Today was a pretty lazy day up until later this evening. I went to a freshman preview sports event where I sign up for sports teams. And yea it was pretty awkward I have to say... Well my fashionistas i'm sure you all faced this situation where you are dressed different or better than the people in the room. Its okay I learned... Just be you and have confidence in what you wear and you won't feel so alone at all. Well enough at me and my social life. Lets get on for the subject of the day...Knee Shorts and Stripes! Today I have been witnessing this trend for quite a while. I can't seem the grasp how people can match the two together... But if you are a follower of this trend or would like to know more. Here are some interesting pictures to view. :)

Now for Stripes...

Now I love both these trends that hit the blogs this summer 2013...
Enjoy the rest of your evening!
Signing out... Peace in the middle east!
Much Love,
Myridian Edwards OXOX

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jean Jackets :)

Jean Jackets are like the summer essential... They can put to use on your everyday outings
Going to the Movies,Shopping,Coffee Break,Day out with the girls,Picnics,Airports,Even on a date.
All you need to do is make yourself at home and get use to this fab trend. :)

Summer Day 1:Fringe Fabric Do or Don't?

So I know you all experienced the fringe attack from either some weird neighbor or a classmate or even your parents!!! Well let me explain,this trend can be totally fierce if you let it. Like any trend there is always that one person that can kill it...
Well here I will give you a little tour on how it can be worn ...

First are the cute little purses... :)

See how cute that is :)

Now watch how it all can go just so wrong...
I feel like just screaming,"Who dressed you this morning!"

Next we have the tank tops... I don't about you but I love me some fringe tank tops. :)

Cute I know!!!

But Look how it can go so wrong....

There's the stalking I promised :p

So yea...
There are also the fringe booties and swimwear....

But then here are the don'ts XD

So yea thats a wrap I was glad to show you the do's and don'ts on the fringe trend :)
Be careful check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Signing out my little fashionista's :)
See you tomorrow!
Much Love,
Myridian Edwards OXOX

Summer 2013

Dear Fashionista's,
I just want to say I am so sorry for leaving your side and not posting anything...
I just got really busy with school and homework and ect... That I seem to forgot about who I care most about. But don't worry I just recently recieved a camera for my graduation present so.... And yea I graduated :) ...You know what that means!!!! 

This Summer I will be dedicating every second to all of you guys. I hope you enjoy my style book because prepare for me to blow you all away... I will also be snapping some fashion don'ts that I see walking down the street. Don't get mad if it is you that I spot ;)
Prepare for operation fashion stalker...
Peace in the middle east my little ordinary people and thanks for viewing my just ordinary blog.
Much Love,
Myridian Edwards OXOX