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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 2: Knee Shorts and Stripes...

Dear Fashionista's,
Today was a pretty lazy day up until later this evening. I went to a freshman preview sports event where I sign up for sports teams. And yea it was pretty awkward I have to say... Well my fashionistas i'm sure you all faced this situation where you are dressed different or better than the people in the room. Its okay I learned... Just be you and have confidence in what you wear and you won't feel so alone at all. Well enough at me and my social life. Lets get on for the subject of the day...Knee Shorts and Stripes! Today I have been witnessing this trend for quite a while. I can't seem the grasp how people can match the two together... But if you are a follower of this trend or would like to know more. Here are some interesting pictures to view. :)

Now for Stripes...

Now I love both these trends that hit the blogs this summer 2013...
Enjoy the rest of your evening!
Signing out... Peace in the middle east!
Much Love,
Myridian Edwards OXOX

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  1. I love the maxi skirt with stripes! It looks perfect and flattering on any body type. I love the blog it acutally talks about the fashion people will use and not odd commercial marketing fashion ~Gabystar108 @polyvore